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             A fine piece of sailing history was re-discovered in 2007 in a boatshed in Bohuslan, Sweden. I was hunting for a live-aboard but what I found made me weak in the knees. Resting there before me was a totally restored Sparkman & Stephens 40 foot offshore racing machine from the early seventies! I grew up in Bristol, Rhode Island in the shadow of the old Herreshoff boat company am myself a boat designer and builder and have an eye and a love for these things! This boat had been indoors for almost 14 years and resored with approximately 10,000 hours of loving work by the previous owner. I was told that she was “Morning Cloud“, one of Sir Edward Heath‘s Morning Clouds. I bought her without a thought! However, no documentation was provided or available. After a year long search, countless calls to S&S, Ron Holland, photo archives in England, etc., I have now found her to be a copy of Morning Cloud 2, built with permission and licence from Sir Edward. I don’t know how many copies were made but have reason to believe that at least two were built, possibly more. Mine is from ’77-‘78, built by LeComte in Holland.

             On her shake down cruise she made 10 knots without pressure or problems! What a thrill! She is truly an old race horse who loves to go fast! She is 12 meters long, 3.65m wide, 2m deep and eight tonnes of displacement. 46% of her weight is in the keel! She has a Volvo Penta MD17C diesel engine driving a 3-blade prop.

             I have sailed her now for three seasons, if one can call these Swedish summers for “seasons”, but must unfortunately now sell her due to failing health. I will be accepting all serious bids over 900,000:- SEK.


Please contact me at:  stanley.tildesley@telia.com





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